I come back Family…


I come back to tumblr…

Adele is expecting… I’m so so happy when I heard it…

Congratulation DellyCat…

You’re so Awesome…



I get the Adele Bio book…
Ahwww this is Wounderful!

I get the Adele Bio book… Ahwww this is Wounderful!

Happy Birthday My One & Only

I know I late. Sorry. So I want say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DELLY. I Love You !

I want say Thank You for you and you”re music. You’re voice is beautifull ! I call you ‘The Daydreamers Queen’.

You’re friendly and kind. I can’t found wourd about you. Adele 24 years old I can not wait for this day.

An angel, cute girl with a fantastic voice, Adele sings an incredible empathy that no one else noticed.

Adele is the best!; Đ Very talented She sings like no struggles, it is very rare. She’s ultra-sympathetic. I happy to be talking to her. In a concert Sha sings very clean. She has an unique voice. She’s Exe is a big big *****. (sorry) She’s always laughs. So A.L.B.A. I can not wait for you”re next album. Pleas…

Hi Daydreamer’s !

This is a very Happy Day becaus my mum promise me She give me the ” Adele Biography” book and this day a person call she and tell her the book was in the shop. 




Adele surgery

OhI see a lot of new readers on the blog
I’ll bring something fresh but yeah yeah I know what I write
Read about the “Adele surgery" to
I think it’s a big lie under recommended
Already I’m sorry but could not make up words because they somehow think of a bettermakeup can work wondersOh Adele, I can not wait to respond to this gossip.
Hi :) Daydreamers
Forrás: AFP
Forrás: AFP

Keep Calm Project


Unfortunately, the new design shrank the text : (

I made these pictures with Photoshop

Kattints a képre a teljes mérethez!

Kattints a képre a teljes mérethez!

All day it goes;)

Today I registered Adele official website :)

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